compass pointing to the word

TROPIC: Noun. Either of two parallels of latitude about 23.5 degrees to the north and south of the equator representing the points farthest north and south at which the sun can shine directly overhead.

No matter what the weather, we are in a TROPIC state at Goodcents.

No, we are not taking an extended vacation. We refer to our system of core values as TROPIC – an acronym for trust, respect, openness, personal growth, integrity and collaboration. And at Goodcents, our values are at the heart of everything we do.

TROPIC State of Mind

When we talk about being in a TROPIC state of mind, we have much more than coconuts and palm trees in our heads. At Goodcents, we define TROPIC – our values – as:

  • Trust: We can be confident that we have each other’s best interests at heart. There is no sense of judgment; we back up and support one another.
  • Respect: Every person on our team plays an integral and valuable role. We embrace our differences and approach our successes as well as our mistakes with understanding and support.
  • Openness: We seek first to understand, allowing others to be heard without judgment. We have candid and honest discussions to foster strong relationships and creative solutions.
  • Personal Growth: We challenge ourselves and one another to grow daily. Continued education is celebrated at Goodcents. We understand the immense value of progress and balance in our everyday lives as we work forward to accomplish our common goal.
  • Integrity: We maintain the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are dependable, take ownership of our responsibilities and are accountable for the results.
  • Collaboration: We are empowered to ask for help and intentionally pursue cross-functionality, understanding that others have experiences and knowledge that we do not. “That’s not my job,” is not in our vernacular; instead, our approach is, “how can I help?”

Why TROPIC Matters

We don’t take our core values lightly. We did not just post the word “TROPIC” on a bulletin board and move on.

Our team lives by these core values every day. We believe that values drive culture, and culture drives results. Our corporate team, franchise owners and crew members have all embraced our core values. Our values help us define who we are as a company and ensure that we are all on the same page. They provide a solid foundation for business relationships with one another and with our guests.

Core values also help us choose franchisees who are the best fit for Goodcents. It is essential that we grow our franchise system the right way. We want franchise candidates who also are committed to respecting one another’s differences and having honest conversations. They need to be interested in personal growth and collaboration. They need to be trustworthy and honest. If a candidate were to say that they disagree with our values, we would have to suggest that they look into other opportunities. Our core values are that important to us.

If you are interested in joining the Goodcents family, take a look at our core values. That will tell you a lot about the kind of people you will find here and the kind of people we are looking for to be our next franchise owners. If our values align with yours, we look forward to connecting with you and sharing a warm, TROPIC-al introduction to our brand