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Goodcents Is Growing in New Markets Using An Area Representative Model

Maggie Rothe is Goodcents’ “boots on the ground” in St. Louis.

Goodcents is headquartered in De Soto, Kansas, just outside of Kansas City, where it was founded 30 years ago. Now the brand is targeting expansion efforts in the St. Louis and Phoenix markets, where Goodcents restaurants currently exist but where there is a huge growth opportunity. The Area Representative program is helping to lead that growth.

Rothe opened her first Goodcents six years ago in her hometown of St. Louis. She now owns and operates three Goodcents restaurants with two more in development. This year, she was named Goodcents’ “Franchisee of the Year,” and she embraced a larger role with the brand.

Recently named Goodcents’ first Area Representative, Rothe is helping to recruit new franchisees for the remaining restaurants planned for her geographic area, South St. Louis County. Each area will hold 10 Goodcents locations.

“I love that I have the chance to be an ambassador for Goodcents, a brand that I literally grew up with,” Rothe says. “When I was a kid, Goodcents always sponsored our sports teams and provided food at school events. It’s a great, community-minded brand, and I’m proud to be part of it.”

Rothe also will help to recruit Area Representatives for three additional geographic areas in the St. Louis market.

“In her role as Area Representative, Maggie becomes an extension of the Franchisor,” says Farrellynn Wolf, CEO of Goodcents. “She will help to recruit and train new franchisees and will be a resource for them. She can be available in minutes, whereas the De Soto support staff is a couple of hours away.”

To become an Area Representative with Goodcents, franchisees are asked to invest $100,000 in a defined geographic area that will support 10 stores. The Area Representative will own and operate at least one of the restaurants and receive half of the franchise fees for each restaurant built in his or her geographic area. When an area is built out, the Area Representative will have recouped $82,500 to $150,000 on their original $100,000 investment.

Additionally, an Area Representative will be paid one-third of the franchise royalty, or 2% of total sales from each location, for the duration of the 10-year franchise agreement. Royalty sharing is the Area Representative’s reward for developing an area and maintaining Goodcents brand standards.

“We are excited about the opportunities to grow the Goodcents brand in St. Louis and Phoenix, and we are actively seeking Area Representatives who can help us fuel that growth,” Wolf says.

To learn more about becoming an Area Representative for Goodcents in the St. Louis or Phoenix areas, please email Jami at